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Poor Hiring Quality China is not a mustPoor hiring quality China gives Western companies headaches every day here.  There are many reasons why hiring quality is so poor. This article at is surely one reason.

They outline in 12 steps what it takes to do good recruiting,  Each step is more than most companies can take on well. All 12 is beyond reach of virtually all companies I know. These are good companies but rightly have focus outside of the recruiting process.

Here is just one thing Entrepreneur says you must do:

5. Develop a series of phone-screening questions. Compile a list of suitable questions you can ask over the phone to help you quickly identify qualified candidates and eliminate everyone else.

Poor Hiring Quality China is Often Caused by Not Seeing How High the Bar Is

Companies rarely have the focus to get this done and still interview and hire. Cross culturally here in China the price is higher than in the West. So companies may ask HR to do this. However, HR rarely has the skill set to do this well a midst the myriad of other issues they should cover.  Excellent candidates are lost in the rapid fire elimination of candidates.  Excellent resume writers are brought in while excellent workers are overlooked. What HR section can really face this problem? In the tight labor market in China, success is possible but overlooking possible candidates is not wise at all.   For me, I know the cost in each step and see that this is outside the core business of most companies and so gets done poorly.

Companies have simply underestimated the difficulty of doing excellent hiring. The case for them to outsource is very clear yet they muddle along and in China the price has been very high indeed. Some other reasons for bad or simply marginal hiring can be found is some of my other posts below.

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Here is to better hiring in China.


 Posted on : September 30, 2013
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