Resumes Lie in China too

resumes lie pic

Resumes lie – probably more than newspapers lie. Take a look at this pulse from LinkedIn if you want to see the whole article which teaches people how to get a job if they have gaps on their resume. This quote got me going. A gap of only months between jobs can easily be disguised […]

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China Integrity – the World’s Integrity – Warren Buffet

China Integrity World also

China Integrity is more questionable than in the West, but in the West it is big enough to get this quote out of Warren Buffet which you may have seen before. “You’re looking for three things, generally, in a person,” says Buffett. “Intelligence, energy, and integrity. And if they don’t have the last one, don’t […]

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China Engagement – More Thought To Be Successful

China engagement plus

Wanted to give you a little more thought on China Engagement.  Ran across an informative and useful article at Boston Consulting Group. China Engagement for Employees is More Important Now Economic growth and the eager new players have run up against a substantial challenge in China: talent is increasingly difficult to find and keep, and […]

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Cultural Comparison of China and the United States Plus

cultural comparison of China and America

Comparison of China and the United States can always show vast differences. This tool I introduce today is no different and very insightful. China Law Blog has put up a blog noting the Geert-Hofstede country comparison tool. It is interesting to play with, and you can do a three country comparison for any countries you […]

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Walmart China Discoveries Are Not an Anomaly or Required to Accept

Walmart China Shenzhen

Walmart China has a problem and so do over 70% of the Western Businesses in China. Western Companies continues to think they can hire in China by their own western wisdom and succeed.  OK, some of the 70% are succeeding but not nearly as well as they could have.  Further, they always face the risk […]

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China Executive Search Placements So Important as Chinese GDP is #1

China executive search more important now

China Executive Search is not being thought through in the right way. China’s economy is now number 1. So let’s get this right. Let me give an example to show what I mean. China Executive Search Placement Gone Wrong Last year, we had a placement of ours fired by the GM just 6 months after […]

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Deep Weaknesses in Relying on Interviewing in China

interview in China not in court

Interviewing in China is important and takes time. However, relying on expert interviewing is certainly not a plan in China. China Law Blog has a post up on suing in China. I paste my point of interest below. China’s arbitral bodies allow little to no discovery and they oftentimes do not even allow live testimony. […]

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