China Human Resource Managers – Don’t Expect Too Much

China human resource managers

China Human Resource Managers need to be understood better. I recommended here that Human Resource Managers could read some good business books to help them be better. I know a couple excellent leaders who have their teams read Pat Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team. In each case, a conversation with the HR makes it […]

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Business Leadership and Hurting Yourself

business leadership

Business leadership is not easy, but done alone it is harder. My company is sometimes known as a China Premium Recruiter. True in many ways. We are also a Leadership Consulting Company in the eyes of many of our customers. The Jewish Scriptures were complete about 450 BC. Christians call this the Old Testament.  Alexander […]

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Investors and Hiring Managers are Similar with Devastating Result

hiring managers

I never before considered investors and hiring managers to be similar. I do now. Theranos got $400 Million in investment and was only 1/100th as strong as they said they were. I saw a LinkedIn Post on investors and the Theranos case, and it made me think of recruiting being so similar. Theranos lied repeatedly […]

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