Hiring China Expats As a Last Option?

China expat hiring

Hiring China Expats has always been low on business owners’ lists. This quote from China US Focus is a good measure of what I also see. They are less willing to offer higher priced expat packages. On top of that, local Chinese talent educated in the West is increasingly available, and in most cases local […]

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Emotional Intelligence Versus Emotional Maturity – in China?

emotional maturity verses emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence versus Emotional Maturity, what do you need? Your China Candidates are working somewhere else now, and you hope they are learning something that will help you. They worked for a Fortune 500 company, so they learned highly professional skills and behavior? Well, if you mean that professional behavior is political talk then you […]

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What is a China Recruiter?

I admit that I make pains to explain to customers that we are not China Recruiters. What I mean is our whole viewpoint and methodology are distinct from the industry. Here is a quote from LinkedIn to illustrate one point. In sum, lying in the recruiting industry – for some firms – is standard operating […]

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8 Signs To Know We Have Bad China Hiring

bad china hiring chemical

Bad China Hiring?  Lets think about it together. There is a popular phrase bouncing around China, and it has a lot to say about recruiting and letting people go actually. Do not fear God like competition.  but fear coworkers as dumb as pigs.  (不怕神一样的对手 就怕猪一样的队友) I hear it gained popularity among Chinese on line gamers […]

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China Gut Feeling Hiring II

China gut feeling illustration

China Gut Feeling Hiring : Maybe it is my six sigma background. Maybe it is a belief that facts do better than feelings. Maybe it is that gut feelings are costing Western companies billions of RMB each year in the hiring space. I see it time to do something about it. Good news is your […]

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China Business Leadership Blog Has 500 Posts!

China business leadership blog

China Business Leadership Blog started on December 12, 2010. A little more than 4 years later we have 500 posts. You can see in the categories that we have covered a lot of ground in the people space. If you get inside, you can see from the very first we had a lot of interest […]

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