In Hiring, Character or Competence?

character or competence

We had a candidate complaint today that made us think about character or competence as the first priority. He said he thought we are bad because we disqualified him for lying on his resume and in the interview. He said to our recruiter that almost everyone lies on their resumes. He further added that lots of […]

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Private Equity Failing Operationally

private equity

Saw an article on doing Private Equity purchasing of Chinese companies. The article certainly has implications for private equity anywhere.  It is very insightful, and I encourage you all to go see what Sigulegruff says: Take a look at this Moreover, there have been few success stories across buyout deals in China. One issue was […]

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Recruiting Transparency

recruiting transparency

I suppose there is not a lot of search for this title. No one is measuring recruiting transparency. Should we? Why do candidates leave?  Why do companies fire candidates within 90 days of starting?  Surely fit is a factor. Companies are worried about the candidate not being as good as he was in the interview. […]

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Great Leaders and Fatal Flaws – We Can Avoid

fatal flaws

Great leaders are certainly made and not born as my Alma Mater knows. However, sometimes great leaders still fail after learning much. Are we doomed to a fatal flaw? In our company situation, great leaders are discovered and recruited for our Western customers. Experiences in their lives and choices they made led them to be who […]

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Recruiting Risks vs Supplier Risks

recruiting risks

Recruiting risks are often not given enough emphasis. Supplier risk is usually in the trustworthiness of the supplier alone. However, the raw materials do not lie or deceive, so you do not face the double risk. Investing investing in your people is good business let’s look at two aspects Recruiting Risks are Greater than Supplier Risks […]

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Interview Performance – Do You Really Want the Best Actor?

interview perfomance is acting

Interview performance is a big problem and other recruiters calling it a rateable performance is sad. We tell our candidates to be natural and other recruiters teach you to perform. Note how this fast growing US recruiter helps you assess your performance. So if American recruiters can openly talk about performing for your interview, then […]

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Gut Feeling Multiplied in Hiring

Gut Feeling

Gut feeling can give us a sign but should not be the final word. We work with companies that know the value of trustworthy talent.  Some of them have gone far enough to use multiple people interviewing either one by one or in a group. This has certain advantages in that different people have different […]

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