China – Easier and Harder – Seek Long Term Competitive Advantage

long term competitive advantage

Long term competitive advantage still can be attained by those invested in China. China Briefing put up a post on the changes in China and how it impacted Western Investment here. It is a nice overview of the changing dynamics. I certainly agree that China is more Westernized than when I arrived to live here 24 […]

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China HR – The Anchor Keeping Your Company from Flying

China HR

We are a recruiting firm and some people think that means we work with the China HR in Western Companies active in China. Nothing could be further from the truth. China HR Managers – Beautiful on the Outside, But Do Not Look Under the Hood What are China HR Managers good at? The best are […]

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Should We Accept All Chinese Cultural Differences?

Chinese cultural differences

Chinese Cultural Differences should be respected when talking food preferences. What about differences in levels of honesty? Recently, we explained a lie on a resume to a client.  They declined to go further even though the guy interviewed well. We heartily agreed to not move forward with this guy. Chinese Cultural Differences in Lying The […]

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Character and Personality – Personality Focus

personality focus

Personality focus in this post as it is also important in hiring and leading. While Character changes throughout our lifetime, Personality does not. Personality Focus as Part of the Story I hear people say their personality has changed in this or that job. Scientifically it means they have learned to think or behave in a personality […]

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China and Engineers

China and Engineers sound right together. In engineering schools in America you can see a lot of ethnically Chinese people. So you can imagine why iPhones are built in China. No place in the world has even half as many schooled and trained engineers as China. We find it is a buyers market. Sure, many […]

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Employer Brand Management – 9 Ways to Attract Better Candidates

employer brand management

Employer Brand Management-9Ways 1. All candidates are treated like gold as they all have friends in the industry who will hear about our behavior. 2. When candidate resumes are submitted, all possible speed is given to respond quickly and professionally so candidate is not left waiting unnecessarily. 48 hours should be the limit and 24 […]

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