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China human resource managers

We should not test HR with a culture development hill.

China Human Resource Managers need to be understood better. I recommended here that Human Resource Managers could read some good business books to help them be better.

I know a couple excellent leaders who have their teams read Pat Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team. In each case, a conversation with the HR makes it clear that the HR who should implement the vision of such a book cannot understand the book though it is in good Chinese. They read it cover to cover and do not know why their boss had them read it.

Sometimes they can talk about the pieces within the book, but they cannot capture how what the leader did in the book was any different than having a trainer come in and have them do teamwork games.

We are a Premium Recruiting Company who also offers one facilitation to our customers, and it is a facilitation designed by Pat Lencioni’s group. We never propose it to HR as you can imagine, but to the best leaders we know who know exactly what the book is about.

What Should We Expect From China Human Resource Managers?

So given this example, we should not have too much expectation that HR people will catch the ball you are pitching them. They may nod and say yes, but actually they did not catch the ball you pitched.

So we should set our sights lower. We should not expect them to be able to pick the right recruiter or training, Let line leaders do this unless the training is meant to be simply entertaining or able to train large numbers in one ‘cost effective’ training, Recruiting even of admin is strategic and we should think more about having HR choose recruiters that they like. Some choose companies that have worked in the industry more even though the internet made finding anyone anywhere a secondary problem to the premium issue of filtering.


 Posted on : June 30, 2016
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