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We all want our employees to say, “I love my company. I give my whole heart to it. ” However, many of us also want our employees to say,  “I love my boss and would give the world for him.”  Many of your managers are the same.

We need to seek the benefit of the company first and then ride the wave to get a greater reward at the end.  Putting ourselves first in the short run is not a good plan.

Many managers do not. You may not realize at all how bad your Chinese managers have this do to the culture gap and certainly all people do not openly do this.  Not all people cause workers to be first loyal to themselves, but quite a few do.

Managers even hire weak people they know with an implicit promise of mutual loyalty to the greater harm of the company. This is not an uncommon thing. I have often seen it in companies in China.

So, we need to check ourselves and check our managers.  If they are good, you can have them check themselves. However, some are not that well. They are trickier. You can decide yourself if you should be employing them.

 Posted on : April 9, 2012
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