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Developing in any business relationship is smart. Firing workers who are not on the same page with us is necessary.

What I see is that many leaders also have a 3rd category. They use workers and vendors.

Let us make a firm commitment not to use anyone. We will not use workers or vendors. If you have a worker who is not teachable, then you should let them go. These prideful workers who think they know everything hurt your team and should not be a part of it.

If a worker is open to learn, then we as leaders need to be developing them. We need to have a head for talent management and talent development. We get paid to think ahead as to what each worker can bring us today and in the future. Good workers want to grow in ability, and we need to be on the same team with them helping them get there.

Using vendors and just beating them down on price is not wise either. Develop vendors too. If your vendor does not want to develop, then find another. Teachable and transparent vendors are worth our effort to develop. We can partner with them even as we can partner with workers.

In doing so, we will build our businesses and have a lot more fun doing it.

Any further thoughts?

 Posted on : April 25, 2011
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