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How you think about hiring Chinese workers needs to adapt to the trust issue in China today.  China Law Blog has put up a guest post by John Yang, a Chinese marketer in the US. He writes from a Chinese point of view at the bottom of his post some of which I have pasted here below:


  1. Materialism. The opening up and reforming brought in the free market but also materialism and money worship. It’s like the gold rush era in the 1850s in the US. When I was in elementary school, honest people were praised. By the time I went to high school, suddenly, people preferred to marry their daughter to “sharpies and liars” because they were “smarter” and more suitable for society. Their years of experience after opening up and reforming told them sharpies and liars were making more money in society and becoming managers of companies, while honest people were staying as farmers and workers.

So what should companies do in China to protect their interest and overcome the hurdles?

  1. Contracts. The number one rule to doing business in China is not to completely rely upon contracts. People break contracts all the time. That doesn’t mean you don’t need contract; you always do. You just need more than a contract.
  2. Find the Right People. You are doing business with a company, but really, you are doing business with individuals inside that company. I’m sure you can find the good guys in China. It is just much harder to find them.

Find out everything in that article by going here. You can also find out more about trust in China by looking at some of my previous blogs on this point below.  Because of experience and cultural issues, Chinese people have trouble trusting you or others. We should take notice. We  need to be aware of the need for caution in trusting in China.  We can take clear action to not let trouble sneak into our business in the form of  a purchaser or engineer or other that harms you.  We should not think that Chinese are all untrustworthy.  We should, however, have a look under the hood seeing that Chinese do not trust other Chinese.

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