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afraid of any of your Chinese workers

Don’t be used. You can escape.

It is altogether too common. Some Chinese workers will seek revenge if you let them go.  So how should we look at this?

Afraid of any of your Chinese Workers?

In the late 90’s I knew a U.S. company that hired a woman recommended by their shifty old landlord.  Later they found out he had sent her as was being threatened by her husband.  When the factory had to close a few months later and they were trying to pay off all the workers.  This woman was the only one who would not accept the fair payment he was offering. She wanted five times more.


It was a huge headache that could have been avoided.

Lessons learned are: They never should have invested and put their factory with that untrustworthy landlord to start.  Then they certainly should not have accepted someone from him as a favor without clearly checking her background.

So this is an extreme and real example from a dozen years back, but emphasizes that we need to avoid hiring the wrong person. Also, see my post from last year about a Finance Director, as it shows how arbitration works uncomfortably when you let someone go.   My point is not to be pointlessly afraid.  We simply need to be careful about partnering with and hiring people in China. It is often easier to hire than fire anywhere but more so in China due to low self esteem commonly found here and with the present labor law which I mention in another post.  Also we can factor in the changing force of law in China and in different parts of China.

So the first step in avoiding being a captive of any employee is to have a clear method to ensure you do not hire those people that will make it so hard.  Due diligence is important anywhere in China, but surely in hiring,  That can be the first step to avoid blind fear or stepping into trouble unawares.

Tomorrow,  I  will talk about what to do after you hire them and you are afraid for some reason.


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 Posted on : April 24, 2012
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