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How Good is our China Hiring Process?

China hiring process

How good is our Chinese Hiring Process?  We know Chinese managers and salesmen leave for private companies because we are recruiters. My GM, Paul Wang, mentioned this to me a while back and just a few minutes thinking about it proves the point. As head hunters, many candidates do not want to leave their job […]

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Cultural Comparison of China and the United States Plus

cultural comparison of China and America

Comparison of China and the United States can always show vast differences. This tool I introduce today is no different and very insightful. China Law Blog has put up a blog noting the Geert-Hofstede country comparison tool. It is interesting to play with, and you can do a three country comparison for any countries you […]

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Walmart China Discoveries Are Not an Anomaly or Required to Accept

Walmart China Shenzhen

Walmart China has a problem and so do over 70% of the Western Businesses in China. Western Companies continues to think they can hire in China by their own western wisdom and succeed.  OK, some of the 70% are succeeding but not nearly as well as they could have.  Further, they always face the risk […]

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J.K. Rowling and Her Harry Potter on Leadership

JK- harry potter on leadership

Leadership sometimes is denigrated as we have made the wrong guy the leader like many Western companies have here in China. Surely, everyone has their own definition of leadership, but I espouse this one: Leadership is getting things done through other people. Some people hire leaders because they are the best doers and then the […]

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Starbucks China: Adapting and Maintaining to Success

Starbucks in China - Xian

Star Bucks China is successful to date, and I see two reasons. 1. They adapted to China and Chinese tastes. 2. They maintained their core values. One of the things Starbucks has sought to do is to be a good place to work.  They have done the same here in Starbucks China. I paste below […]

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China Business Folly: Following Inc. Magazine to Bankruptcy?

China business folly from INC

Never thought I would get advice leading to China Business Folly in Inc.  Inc. Magazine has an article up that demands a response. See the whole crazy article here.  It is called  “Best Hires For Each Stage in Your Business Life Cycle. ” Everyone has a bad day and certainly this is a regrettable article […]

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Apology From China Business Leadership Blog

Greetings, A mistake led to a maintenance sign being up in our blog for many days without us knowing it. It is fixed now, and we should be back to normal. Take a look at the blog I wrote while you were unable to see. Sorry for the inconvenience. Jim

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