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China Business Leadership Solved Technology Problem-Part 4 Lsns Learned

China business leadership produces success unexpectedly

Their own China Business Leadership is what gets companies into trouble in China, and it is what brings them success. So in the recent posts- part 1, part 2 and part 3.  I told the story of a puzzle, and how it got unraveled. It remains a puzzle to me when companies get all wrapped […]

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“Other China Recruiters Do Not Do That!”

China recruiting leads to messy teams 2-5-3

China Recruiters, be they International and famous or Domestic, appear to be on the wrong track.  Last week we were doing some searching for a coffee house in West China called Greenhouse Coffee which is really a great and growing franchise. Finding talented workers for Xining, Qinghai  is not easy, but the kind of work […]

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Nelson Mandela – A Leader to Remember For Us All

Nelson Mandela is a great man. He has passed away, but may his dream live on and grow. His resume is also a lesson to all of us. What were his qualifications to be President of South Africa?  Progressive experience in consistently higher levels of authority? President Mandela’s resume said 27 years mining lime in […]

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Hiring Sales People in China and Keeping Them – 12 Critical Points

Hiring sales people in China does not have to be so hit and miss. With right thinking you can have great sales people and even a great team. 12 Steps to Hiring Sales People in China and Keeping Them 1. Clarify what and how you need the salesman to sell. (Most companies do this pretty […]

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