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Merger Acquisition China Recruitment

mergers and acquisitions China recruiting

Merger Acquisition China Recruitment does not get much press but failed investments sometimes do. Most of the time companies pay great attention to accountants and lawyers and little to operations guys. Often companies are so concerned about the money that they forget that the operation is how they make money. Many will not even do […]

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Private Equity Failing Operationally

private equity

Saw an article on doing Private Equity purchasing of Chinese companies. The article certainly has implications for private equity anywhere.  It is very insightful, and I encourage you all to go see what Sigulegruff says: Take a look at this Moreover, there have been few success stories across buyout deals in China. One issue was […]

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Doing M&A in China – Avoiding the HR Trap

doing M&A in China

Doing M&A in China takes all the thinking you can muster. Everyone does legal and financial due diligence. Too few do HR due diligence. Further, their thinking from and on HR after the purchase will not make most companies nearly as successful as they should be. Doing M&A in China is a huge HR challenge. […]

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Succeeding in your China Acquisition II – After China Acquisition

after China acquisition

After China acquisition, the real work begins. I dealt with a company who made a good acquisition here in China and then made a mess of it after they took control. They were very sharp on getting their finance systems working. However, they were poor on retaining the commitment and passion of the workforce. They […]

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Succeeding in Your China Acquisition I – Before you Buy

China aquisition

Most people have seen China acquisition as the realm of lawyers and financial auditors. Indeed, they have their value, but people are the key to your China acquisition. You must not overlook the culture and people you are acquiring. You must not ignore the attitude of the local government people.  And acquisition is one of […]

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