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Investors and Hiring Managers are Similar with Devastating Result

hiring managers

I never before considered investors and hiring managers to be similar. I do now. Theranos got $400 Million in investment and was only 1/100th as strong as they said they were. I saw a LinkedIn Post on investors and the Theranos case, and it made me think of recruiting being so similar. Theranos lied repeatedly […]

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Great Leaders and Fatal Flaws – We Can Avoid

fatal flaws

Great leaders are certainly made and not born as my Alma Mater knows. However, sometimes great leaders still fail after learning much. Are we doomed to a fatal flaw? In our company situation, great leaders are discovered and recruited for our Western customers. Experiences in their lives and choices they made led them to be who […]

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China HR – The Anchor Keeping Your Company from Flying

China HR

We are a recruiting firm and some people think that means we work with the China HR in Western Companies active in China. Nothing could be further from the truth. China HR Managers – Beautiful on the Outside, But Do Not Look Under the Hood What are China HR Managers good at? The best are […]

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Employer Brand Management – 9 Ways to Attract Better Candidates

employer brand management

Employer Brand Management-9Ways 1. All candidates are treated like gold as they all have friends in the industry who will hear about our behavior. 2. When candidate resumes are submitted, all possible speed is given to respond quickly and professionally so candidate is not left waiting unnecessarily. 48 hours should be the limit and 24 […]

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Temptations at Work in China on the Internet

temptations at work via smart phones

Online temptations at work are surely as big in China as they are in the US. First let me put up a thought from American Business Magazine  Social media has clearly revolutionized the way we communicate. We can reconnect with high school friends, send 140-character messages to celebrities and rally hundreds of people behind an […]

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China Employer Branding – Impacting Us More Than We Know

China Employer Branding

China Employer Branding is a topic in the West and needs more thought for Western Companies in China. Being professionals in getting the best people for Western Companies in China, we know China Employer Branding is happening whether companies like it or not. Companies that manage poorly and use workers and have bad bosses are […]

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