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Investors and Hiring Managers are Similar with Devastating Result

hiring managers

I never before considered investors and hiring managers to be similar. I do now. Theranos got $400 Million in investment and was only 1/100th as strong as they said they were. I saw a LinkedIn Post on investors and the Theranos case, and it made me think of recruiting being so similar. Theranos lied repeatedly […]

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Market, Capital, Technology and People – Must Always Have

market, capital, technology, people

Market, capital, technology and people. Every company must keep these 4 balls in the air at all times. If you are missing one, you will fail as a company. Market, Capital, Technology and People – The 4 Balls to Keep in the Air Market – This means paying customers. Many tech start ups like Evernote […]

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Hiring on Resume and Interview

resume and interview

Resume and interview are suspect methods and this article made me nod my head. This quote may seem a little off topic, but hang with me.  See whole article here People with autism face a particular challenge getting hired because of the traditional interview process, which tends to reward candidates with smooth social skills. “A […]

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Chinese Wisdom for Recruitment

Sima Guang

Chinese wisdom for recruitment from Sima Guang shows a lot about our recruiting philosophy. Chinese Wisdom for Recruitment From 1000 Years Ago 才德全尽谓之“圣人”,才德兼亡谓之“愚人”,德胜才谓之“君子”,才胜德谓之“小人”。凡取人之术,苟不得圣人,君子而与之,与其得小人,不若得愚人。 His priority and thought on who to hire is: 1. Holy: Talent+Character 2. Gentleman: More Character than Talent 3. Fool: No talent No Character 4. Vile Man: More Talent than Character Surely you […]

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