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Making Rules May be a Sign You have Trust Issue

sometimes company rules remind me of the dictionary

I saw a good article by Dr Bradberry on bad rules in companies which you can see here on LinkedIn Pulse.  It made me smile and recall other companies that had similar silly/aggravating rules. Many times I see that these rules come about as companies do not trust their workers. I call it a trust […]

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Do You Need Better Recruiting? 8 Questions to Know

better recruiting assessment

Some companies have a good team. Some just think they have a good team, but really need better recruiting. 8 Questions to Know If You Are In Desperate Need of Better Recruiting 1. How long does the middle management stay with the company on average? 4 years or more of keeping great hires puts you […]

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Advice to Employment Candidates – a Needle in a Haystack

employment candidates

We see lots of recruiting companies that list boldly where employment candidates can submit their resumes. Some recruiters also list active positions they are searching for at this time and often showing hundreds of positions which will certainly draw a lot of resumes. At recruiting companies that list hundreds of positions, most if not all […]

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Chinese Values Hiring

chine values hiring transparency

Chinese values hiring is on my mind today. Last week was the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. It started a process that led to rule of law in the West. China has never had a Magna Carta moment. They might need less than 800 years once that moment is crossed, but […]

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Trustworthy Talent in China

trustworthy talent

Trustworthy Talent® is our company’s total focus.  We have even trademarked it as we guess it will continue to get hotter for us and the broader community.     We have not seen anyone using this phrase except an IT compliance leader. He knows no compliance plan can work without hiring Trustworthy Talent in the first […]

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Doing M&A in China – Avoiding the HR Trap

doing M&A in China

Doing M&A in China takes all the thinking you can muster. Everyone does legal and financial due diligence. Too few do HR due diligence. Further, their thinking on HR after the purchase will not make most nearly as successful as they should be. Doing M&A in China is a huge HR challenge. Integration is the […]

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