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Ethical China Supply Chain Management Recruitment

China Supply Chain Management Recruitment

Hi, Today I want to talk ethics focus in recruiting which is needed for ethics in your operation. Let us think about two sites that are talking about Ethical China Supply Chain Management which is tightly related to China Supply Chain Manager Recruitment In the first article China Business Review talks about the Milk Scandal […]

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Our Ears are More Valuable Than We Imagine

Here is the first paragraph of a fine post by the Procurement Leaders: Perhaps the least appreciated, but among the most important tools procurement executives can have are their ears. That’s because listening to others in the organization – particularly the individual business stakeholders – is the first and most critical step in understanding corporate […]

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Purchasing for the Long Term

The Procurement Leaders have a blog up that I am happy to take note of. You can see it here. When selling, we focus on win-win, but we often have trouble seeking win-win in our supply or outsourcing solutions. Purchasers are pushed so hard on price that the quality is bargained away.  This is especially […]

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Expectations, Expectations, Expectations

Just read a great article over at China News Brief on the interior of China and JV’s.  Take a look here. I only want to talk about one thing they mentioned though I liked the whole article. They mentioned in a couple different ways and finally used the word,  expectations.  Surely, in hiring, in customer […]

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Chinese Business/Negotiation as War

Foreign Entrepreneurs has a good post up on negotiating in China. I would adjust a little but overall a very good post.  Go find it here Vincent F. Yip, in the blog,  mentions that Chinese see negotiation as war. Ah…He further notes Sunzi’s 36 Strategies for war and life which many use in business. He […]

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