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Investors and Hiring Managers are Similar with Devastating Result

hiring managers

I never before considered investors and hiring managers to be similar. I do now. Theranos got $400 Million in investment and was only 1/100th as strong as they said they were. I saw a LinkedIn Post on investors and the Theranos case, and it made me think of recruiting being so similar. Theranos lied repeatedly […]

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Market, Capital, Technology and People – Must Always Have

market, capital, technology, people

Market, capital, technology and people. Every company must keep these 4 balls in the air at all times. If you are missing one, you will fail as a company. Market, Capital, Technology and People – The 4 Balls to Keep in the Air Market – This means paying customers. Many tech start ups like Evernote […]

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Private Equity Failing Operationally

private equity

Saw an article on doing Private Equity purchasing of Chinese companies. The article certainly has implications for private equity anywhere.  It is very insightful, and I encourage you all to go see what Sigulegruff says: Take a look at this Moreover, there have been few success stories across buyout deals in China. One issue was […]

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Engagement and Recruiting

recruitment and engagement

Engagement and Recruiting go hand in hand. Have you heard? You can choose the right people to fire, or the people you need the most self select off your team. I think this will be an even hotter problem in the US market as the economy continues to heat up. China used to be a […]

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Hiring China Expats As a Last Option?

China expat hiring

Hiring China Expats has always been low on business owners’ lists. This quote from China US Focus is a good measure of what I also see. They are less willing to offer higher priced expat packages. On top of that, local Chinese talent educated in the West is increasingly available, and in most cases local […]

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Third Party Hiring Can Bring You China Business Success

China business success does not have to be like pulling teeth. Ford won when their President and CEO Bill Ford surrendered to seeking an outside placement to solve his woes. Alan Mulally from Boeing was a true outsider and that is what saved Ford while the others went bankrupt. Now Ford is doing great and […]

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China and Russia and Real Politik

Real Politik long ago and now

With both China and Russia as revisionary powers, Chinese Real Politik should be a term in use . China and Russia are using Real Politik, and the West needs to see it.  Take a look at this excellent article from Foreign Policy of which I paste a small bit below. Put another way, the liberal order that […]

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“I Hired You to Get Managers Not to Pay to Outsource Recruiting!”

not outsource recruiting China

“I hired you to get the right people not to pay to outsource recruiting!” Many an owner in the West has poured Millions of USD down the drain in China with this apparently wise phrase. This is a complicated idea I want to unpack. Sometimes the home office should look this way at what is […]

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