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China Human Resource Managers – Don’t Expect Too Much

China human resource managers

China Human Resource Managers need to be understood better. I recommended here that Human Resource Managers could read some good business books to help them be better. I know a couple excellent leaders who have their teams read Pat Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team. In each case, a conversation with the HR makes it […]

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Recruiting Risks vs Supplier Risks

recruiting risks

Recruiting risks are often not given enough emphasis. Supplier risk is usually in the trustworthiness of the supplier alone. However, the raw materials do not lie or deceive, so you do not face the double risk. Investing investing in your people is good business let’s look at two aspects Recruiting Risks are Greater than Supplier Risks […]

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Cubicles are not for Humans or the Team, So Why Do We Have Them?

Cubicles are not for Humans

Cubicles are not for humans or are they? Teamwork is needed and super valuable as it creates force multiplier opportunities. Outsider perspectives create better answers than experts as they are fresh.  Two is better than one. However, game-changing  teamwork is elusive. You must have talented wholly committed team members.  Click on categories Motivating workers, Culture […]

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China – Easier and Harder – Seek Long Term Competitive Advantage

long term competitive advantage

Long term competitive advantage still can be attained by those invested in China. China Briefing put up a post on the changes in China and how it impacted Western Investment here. It is a nice overview of the changing dynamics. I certainly agree that China is more Westernized than when I arrived to live here 24 […]

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China HR – The Anchor Keeping Your Company from Flying

China HR

We are a recruiting firm and some people think that means we work with the China HR in Western Companies active in China. Nothing could be further from the truth. China HR Managers – Beautiful on the Outside, But Do Not Look Under the Hood What are China HR Managers good at? The best are […]

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Character and Personality – Personality Focus

personality focus

Personality focus in this post as it is also important in hiring and leading. While Character changes throughout our lifetime, Personality does not. Personality Focus as Part of the Story I hear people say their personality has changed in this or that job. Scientifically it means they have learned to think or behave in a personality […]

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Engagement and Recruiting

recruitment and engagement

Engagement and Recruiting go hand in hand. Have you heard? You can choose the right people to fire, or the people you need the most self select off your team. I think this will be an even hotter problem in the US market as the economy continues to heat up. China used to be a […]

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Office Politics – Can Anything Be Done? See These 3 Ways

office politics - not required to accept

A Google Search of Office Politics turns up 115M responses and none of us is surprised.  It is rampant, and many companies just throw up their hands. I can go to any company across Asia, Europe, and North America and find rampant politics. I am Six Sigma Certified, and we all know that politics is […]

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Doing M&A in China – Avoiding the HR Trap

doing M&A in China

Doing M&A in China takes all the thinking you can muster. Everyone does legal and financial due diligence. Too few do HR due diligence. Further, their thinking from and on HR after the purchase will not make most companies nearly as successful as they should be. Doing M&A in China is a huge HR challenge. […]

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