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Office Politics – Can Anything Be Done? See These 3 Ways

office politics - not required to accept

A Google Search of Office Politics turns up 115M responses and none of us is surprised.  It is rampant, and many companies just throw up their hands. I can go to any company across Asia, Europe, and North America and find rampant politics. I am Six Sigma Certified, and we all know that politics is […]

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China Talent War is On and Growing – SME’s Can Still Win

China Talent War - always hard

The China Talent War can be won with the right focus.  I just fell upon a slightly dated article from HRM Asia that is of enduring value. Here is a quote from that article. With an abundance of university graduates available, the issue is not talent but suitability, says Elizabeth Martin-Chua who was formerly Senior Vice-President, […]

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Boggled in China – The NDA example

My family recently bought the game called Boggle, and I have been boggling with my 9 year old for the last few days. Boggle uses our divergent thinking ability.   It is the ability to look at the same thing and see it in a different way.  In my childhood, I understood that most excellent […]

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Lower Level Managers

Catching up a little after vacation last week when the blog was on auto pilot.  Pasting a few words from Forbes.  See the whole article here Regardless of who the CEO may be, operational execution takes place at the mid-level and supervisory level. When these individuals are well aligned, coached, and trained, the business thrives. […]

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