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Business Leadership and Hurting Yourself

business leadership

Business leadership is not easy, but done alone it is harder. My company is sometimes known as a China Premium Recruiter. True in many ways. We are also a Leadership Consulting Company in the eyes of many of our customers. The Jewish Scriptures were complete about 450 BC. Christians call this the Old Testament.  Alexander […]

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Character and Personality – Character Focus

character and personality

Character and Personality are important and very different. Character is related to our integrity, loyalty, and even our humility. We are not born with good character. We are born very selfish and able to lie from the very start. Character and Personality- Are We Born With Character? When my first child was a baby, she […]

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Engagement and Recruiting

recruitment and engagement

Engagement and Recruiting go hand in hand. Have you heard? You can choose the right people to fire, or the people you need the most self select off your team. I think this will be an even hotter problem in the US market as the economy continues to heat up. China used to be a […]

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Emotional Intelligence Versus Emotional Maturity – in China?

emotional maturity verses emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence versus Emotional Maturity, what do you need? Your China Candidates are working somewhere else now, and you hope they are learning something that will help you. They worked for a Fortune 500 company, so they learned highly professional skills and behavior? Well, if you mean that professional behavior is political talk then you […]

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How Good is our China Hiring Process?

China hiring process

How good is our Chinese Hiring Process?  We know Chinese managers and salesmen leave for private companies because we are recruiters. My GM, Paul Wang, mentioned this to me a while back and just a few minutes thinking about it proves the point. As head hunters, many candidates do not want to leave their job […]

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Executive Recruitment China – Do Not Make It Harder

executive recruitment China

Executive Recruitment China is our topic today as we do a lot of that so have some thought. Executive Recruitment China Made Harder We are presently helping one client who sought us out pretty late. His company has been in a tail spin in China for some time and needs an emergency turn around with […]

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The Value and Rarity of Leadership Humility

leadership humility

True leadership humility is hard to come by and of great value.  American Business Magazine has an article up with the following quote: The will to submit to correction is usually either there or not. Either the person tends to exhibit some signs of megalomania and general rebellion against other authorities, or that leader is one with some […]

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Excellent Colleagues Trump Everything Else

excellent colleagues for your China venture

“Excellent colleagues trump everything else” This quote deserves more attention in this excellent HBR article on Netflix success. See the article here and the larger quote below. One day I was talking with one of our best engineers, an employee I’ll call John. Before the layoffs, he’d managed three engineers, but now he was a one-man department […]

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