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China Business Leadership Blog Moved!!

Greetings, In order to consolidate and give you better content we moved to All the bells and whistles are not there yet, but the content is up, and it will get better week by week. The New Blog I put up is Recruiting Must Be Fixed and We Have the Way To get […]

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Should We Accept All Chinese Cultural Differences?

Chinese cultural differences

Chinese Cultural Differences should be respected when talking food preferences. What about differences in levels of honesty? Recently, we explained a lie on a resume to a client.  The client declined to go further even though the guy interviewed well. We heartily agreed to not move forward with this guy. Chinese Cultural Differences in Lying […]

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Cost of a Bad China Hire – Thoroughly Avoidable Damage

cost of a bad china hire

The cost of a Bad China hire is worth looking at in a little more detail. While the situation is bleak, there is hope for the companies who are ready.  Most companies are not clearly aware how much they are losing. Often they have been manipulated or think this is just the way China is. […]

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Why China Hiring Background Checks?

China hiring background checks among the masses

China hiring background checks, also known as pre-employment background screening, are not emphasized in most companies here in China.  To see the legal issues in China hiring background checking, check here.  It is a lot more trouble than a cursory  background check, but our business knows it is important because of what we find out and because […]

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“Other China Recruiters Do Not Do That!”

China recruiting leads to messy teams 2-5-3

China Recruiters, be they International and famous or Domestic, appear to be on the wrong track.  Last week we were doing some searching for a coffee house in West China called Greenhouse Coffee which is really a great and growing franchise. Finding talented workers for Xining, Qinghai  is not easy, but the kind of work […]

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