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Entering China: Get the Right People, Get the Right People, Get the Right People

China success or failure is up to us

Entering China is no picnic, but my focusing to get the a person and the right person up front, you can create  a great path.  In a foreign country, you need, market, investment, legal, property, culture. language, IP protection, etc… As China is completely different from the West. Almost everything you normally think will get […]

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Getting a Good Deal in China

Chinese people study negotiating tactics, and they are prone to gloves off tactics that are outside most of our thinking. Many times they will propose outrageous demands just because the other party is foreign and could be taken advantage of. If I am in the market and wrench a good price on oranges out of […]

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If You Have To Do a Joint Venture

Do not provide cash, your technology, high technology equipment and they provide, land, buidings, people, old equipment. Be ever so careful of joint venturing with some Chinese owned company that has excellent local contacts. Those very contacts will likely be your undoing. Possession and having home field advantage are considerable advantages.  I have seen companies […]

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Expectations, Expectations, Expectations

Just read a great article over at China News Brief on the interior of China and JV’s.  Take a look here. I only want to talk about one thing they mentioned though I liked the whole article. They mentioned in a couple different ways and finally used the word,  expectations.  Surely, in hiring, in customer […]

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