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Private Equity Failing Operationally

private equity

Saw an article on doing Private Equity purchasing of Chinese companies. The article certainly has implications for private equity anywhere.  It is very insightful, and I encourage you all to go see what Sigulegruff says: Take a look at this Moreover, there have been few success stories across buyout deals in China. One issue was […]

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Sell to China – via Tmall, JD Global and more

sell to China

The day has come to sell to China, and there are some ways, but much thought is needed. Tmall International and JD Worldwide are both Chinese entities out to help you get into China without having a physical presence in China. Sell to China – Possible, But It Takes Some Work The problem is that you are […]

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China Finance Hiring – 6 Key Thoughts To Do Better.

China finance hiring numbers

China Finance hiring is competitive and has talented people. The good news is they are generally more honest than GM positions in China.  The bad news is 65% have material falsehood in their resume and interview process. How do you feel about the fact that most Finance managers working for MNC’s in China lied to […]

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Why Do Business in China?

Business in China

Business in China is changing as China matures and its economy transitions.  Chinese economic growth is slowing down, so people think China is no use considering the difficulties. So in any interview with Dan Harris of China Law Blog, we get his succinct and great answer. LD: With all its challenges, why should small businesses […]

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The Importance of Knowing Chinese Tastes

chinesse tastes

Chinese tastes may not seem center of strategic thinking for most companies today, but the Procurement Leaders blog has other thoughts for us. By 2025, it is highly likely that many procurement leaders of Western companies will be physically located in China and will base a much larger share of their sourcing and supplier selection […]

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