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China-US Relations

China-US relations

China-US Relations surely are often not great, but never as bad as when the US targeted and bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade killing 3 Chinese people in 1999. The morning after the bombing, the local police office in the city I lived in called me to see if I was alright. I knew nothing […]

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China and Russia and Real Politik

Real Politik long ago and now

With both China and Russia as revisionary powers, Chinese Real Politik should be a term in use . China and Russia are using Real Politik, and the West needs to see it.  Take a look at this excellent article from Foreign Policy of which I paste a small bit below. Put another way, the liberal order that […]

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Getting Arrested in China

getting arrested in China

Getting arrested in China is not common, but one should think about the risks.Dan Harris at China Law Blog has a post up on how not to get arrested in China.  Take a look at his fine article here Avoiding a Big Risk in Getting Arrested in China Compliance programs are smart like Dan has […]

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China Transition Economic Thought

China in Transition

China Transition is on.  Present changes in China’s growth strategy and expectations are getting clearer. China’s President Xi recently announced his thinking on how to handle the low growth path for this year. His comments show a complete path. Here is a quote from AP found in Yahoo!. “We must boost our confidence, adapt to […]

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China Recruiting Transparency and the Cost to You

China recruiting transparency is related to the Chinese cultural situation and your own ability to be clear.  China Transparency in the government sector according to Transparency International rates a 39.  100 is ideal and anything below 50 represents a serious corruption problem.   China is 80 out of 174 countries surveyed by this excellent organization. […]

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