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Sell to China – via Tmall, JD Global and more

sell to China

The day has come to sell to China, and there are some ways, but much thought is needed. Tmall International and JD Worldwide are both Chinese entities out to help you get into China without having a physical presence in China. Sell to China – Possible, But It Takes Some Work The problem is that you are […]

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Falsifying Applications is an Everyday Thing in China

falsifying applications

I recall some over positive resume tendencies when I was young, but falsifying applications was not part of my cultural background.  It has never been well in China.  When I got a job leading a US$1M start up in 1997, I thought a long time before I could think of someone trustworthy among hundreds of Chinese people […]

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Trustworthy Talent in China

trustworthy talent

Trustworthy Talent® is our company’s total focus.  We have even trademarked it as we guess it will continue to get hotter for us and the broader community.     We have not seen anyone using this phrase except an IT compliance leader. He knows no compliance plan can work without hiring Trustworthy Talent in the first […]

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China Country Leader Recruitment – Sales – 9 Ideas

China country leader recruiting

Many technology companies that have outsourced manufacturing need China Country Leader Recruitment as need someone to manage their sales development in China. This position is critical to all your work in China, and no company takes it lightly, but too many use the method they used elsewhere to hire, and the costs add up fast. […]

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Doing M&A in China – Avoiding the HR Trap

doing M&A in China

Doing M&A in China takes all the thinking you can muster. Everyone does legal and financial due diligence. Too few do HR due diligence. Further, their thinking on HR after the purchase will not make most nearly as successful as they should be. Doing M&A in China is a huge HR challenge. Integration is the […]

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China-US Relations

China-US relations

China-US Relations surely are often not great, but never as bad as when the US targeted and bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade killing 3 Chinese people in 1999. The morning after the bombing, the local police office in the city I lived in called me to see if I was alright. I knew nothing […]

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