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Chinese Wisdom for Recruitment

Sima Guang

Chinese wisdom for recruitment from Sima Guang shows a lot about our recruiting philosophy. Chinese Wisdom for Recruitment From 1000 Years Ago 才德全尽谓之“圣人”,才德兼亡谓之“愚人”,德胜才谓之“君子”,才胜德谓之“小人”。凡取人之术,苟不得圣人,君子而与之,与其得小人,不若得愚人。 His priority and thought on who to hire is: 1. Holy: Talent+Character 2. Gentleman: More Character than Talent 3. Fool: No talent No Character 4. Vile Man: More Talent than Character Surely you […]

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Private Equity Failing Operationally

private equity

Saw an article on doing Private Equity purchasing of Chinese companies. The article certainly has implications for private equity anywhere.  It is very insightful, and I encourage you all to go see what Sigulegruff says: Take a look at this Moreover, there have been few success stories across buyout deals in China. One issue was […]

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China – Easier and Harder – Seek Long Term Competitive Advantage

long term competitive advantage

Long term competitive advantage still can be attained by those invested in China. China Briefing put up a post on the changes in China and how it impacted Western Investment here. It is a nice overview of the changing dynamics. I certainly agree that China is more Westernized than when I arrived to live here 24 […]

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