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China Business Leadership Blog Moved!!

Greetings, In order to consolidate and give you better content we moved to All the bells and whistles are not there yet, but the content is up, and it will get better week by week. The New Blog I put up is Recruiting Must Be Fixed and We Have the Way To get […]

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China Business Leadership Blog Has 500 Posts!

China business leadership blog

China Business Leadership Blog started on December 12, 2010. A little more than 4 years later we have 500 posts. You can see in the categories that we have covered a lot of ground in the people space. If you get inside, you can see from the very first we had a lot of interest […]

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Check us out on LinkedIn

I always want to make sure you have the opportunity to put up something that you want to show the world regarding China, Business, or Leadership. So we have a group on LinkedIn. I want to invite you to join China Business Leadership Group on LinkedIn. Welcome to comment, start discussions, or put up items of […]

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Why Talk Leadership For a China Blog?

Thought I should restate why this China blog writes on leadership. I have found again and again that great leadership trumps good China insight. Being smart about China is useful.   However, being an exceptional leader is exceedingly useful as cross cultural work puts much higher demands on leadership.  Small gaps can lead to million dollar […]

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Business Announcement-SHI Group Now Open in Beijing and Wuxi

SHI Group is now officially a  two office organization in China. While maintaining our office in Beijing, we have also opened a branch office in Wuxi near Shanghai.  We see this will give our customers better service and would be glad to meet to know any of you better. Contact us at or […]

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About Writer

Hi, since I write this blog,  I want to give you a little information about myself.  Then,  you can know more about where I am coming from. See my short Bio below: Jim Nelson graduated from West Point and later got an MBA in Global Economic Development focused on China. He led a pager lamp […]

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Announcing China Business Leadership Group at LinkedIn!

We have just formed and set up the group.  We wanted you to know that we want to hear from you enough that we have formed a group at LinkedIn to get the discussion going more. Take a look and join to get this going.  Hope you are glad to further enter the fray for China, Business, […]

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Clarification on Comments and Connection

I appreciate that there have been a number of comments coming in. Unfortunately, the comments almost all say, “Thank You” “Great Job” or some other non commenting note. We appreciate thank yous, however,  in the future, we will not publish comments like this.  We also will not publish comments that are not directly commenting on […]

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