Sino-Forest and How Do We See Chinese Companies?

I saw this article over how Paulson got sued over not doing enough due diligence on the Sino-Forest investment. Find the WSJ article here. How should we understand the present problem with U.S. listed companies from China? I do not think all Chinese firms should be delisted, but I am concerned over ...

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Posted on Feb 29, 2012

A Risk For The Chinese Economy

Here is a Quote from the New York Times on the recent World Bank Report given in Beijing. The World Bank said, The greatest risks facing China’s economy, the authors say, may not be external shocks like global economic weakness, but internal structural challenges, like weak domestic consumption, o...

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Posted on Feb 28, 2012

A 5000 Year Gap Is Not To Be Forgotten

I want to mention a book by John K. Fairbanks. It was published in 1967 and the title is  China:  The People’s Middle Kingdom and the U.S.A In that time, China was in the middle of the cultural revolution and was killing and torturing itself in horrible ways. It was further vilifying America...

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Posted on Feb 26, 2012

Increasing Opportunity, Increasing Pace

Just saw this at China-Window.  It is well done and you can get it here. It describes how companies used to be careful coming to China but now they are accelerating their investments.  China is the biggest growth market in the world. Companies are seeing that the time is now to capture this market...

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Posted on Feb 24, 2012

Increasing Competition

I mentioned the top three concerns of U.S. companies in Shanghai recently here. Increasing Competition is Number 3. None of us should be surprised that competition gets tougher year by year as the whole China market matures.  Clearly, coming to China in a small way is a no brainer as too many possi...

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Posted on Feb 23, 2012

How Well Do You Know Your People and What Impact They are Having on Overall Company?

I asked a few weeks ago, “How well do you know your suppliers? ”   Today, I want to ask,  “How well do you know your people and what impact they are having on the overall company?” I have seen people promoted who should have been replaced for the people they hired and even...

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Posted on Feb 22, 2012

Human Resource Constraints- A New Outlook is Needed

A perennial problem in China is human resources, and so my company gets most of its work there. I have written a lot about finding and keeping good people and you can find that here. The price of hiring the wrong guy can be so much higher and so much harder to realize than it […]...

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Posted on Feb 21, 2012

Rising Costs II

Foxconn said that salaries for many workers would immediately jump by 16 to 25 percent, to about $400 a month, before overtime. See the whole New York Times article  here This is a good news/bad news thing naturally. If your factory is in China, and you are only exporting, your pressure just went u...

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Posted on Feb 20, 2012

Rising Costs

Foreign Entrepreneurs in China listed some top concerns for US companies in China.    Here are her top three from Amcham Shanghai: Key Business Challenges in China (%) (*) Rising Costs   (91%) Human Resource Constraints    (90%) Increasing Competition    (83%) For her complete list look her...

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Posted on Feb 18, 2012

Intellectual Property Theft using Microsoft as an example

I have watched Microsoft over the years in China from a distance as they say China is stealing their intellectual property.  Theft of Microsoft software is epidemic in China.  Yet I say that they have smiled all the way to the bank 15 years ago, no one had money or heart to buy proper software. [&...

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Posted on Feb 17, 2012