Sell to China – via Tmall, JD Global and more

sell to China

The day has come to sell to China, and there are some ways, but much thought is needed. Tmall International and JD Worldwide are both Chinese entities out to help you get into China without having a physical presence in China. Sell to China – Possible, But It Takes Some Work The problem is that you are […]

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Falsifying Applications is an Everyday Thing in China

falsifying applications

I recall some over positive resume tendencies when I was young, but falsifying applications was not part of my cultural background.  It has never been well in China.  When I got a job leading a US$1M start up in 1997, I thought a long time before I could think of someone trustworthy among hundreds of Chinese people […]

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World Class Employees? What They Are. What They Are Not.

world class employees

I know a Western stock held company in North China whose Western GM told me he has three World Class Employees who can get work anywhere in the world. Picture of a World Class Employee? His HR Manager is one he names.  For the last 8 years she has worked with impressive professionalism. In the […]

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Advice to Employment Candidates – a Needle in a Haystack

employment candidates

We see lots of recruiting companies that list boldly where employment candidates can submit their resumes. Some recruiters also list active positions they are searching for at this time and often showing hundreds of positions which will certainly draw a lot of resumes. At recruiting companies that list hundreds of positions, most if not all […]

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Office Politics – Can Anything Be Done? See These 3 Ways

office politics - not required to accept

A Google Search of Office Politics turns up 115M responses and none of us is surprised.  It is rampant, and many companies just throw up their hands. I can go to any company across Asia, Europe, and North America and find rampant politics. I am Six Sigma Certified, and we all know that politics is […]

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